Turning Pages: Autumn’s New Chapter

Turning Pages: Autumn’s New Chapter

In the heart of uncertainty, Autumn discovered hope at Omaha Home for Boys. Her story is a testament to the power of community and the profound impact of finding a place to call home.

Autumn, a devoted mom to two young girls, faced the challenge of overcoming a drinking issue while also struggling to find a stable place to live. She had spent months bouncing around from home to home. When her most recent rental was sold, she found herself in urgent need of a safe and affordable home for her daughters. They were depending on her.

In a fortunate turn of events, Autumn discovered not just a home but an entire support system when she joined the Supportive Housing Program here at Omaha Home for Boys.

“When we moved in the very first day, we were able to stay in our house immediately because everything was here,” shared Autumn. “It was like a gasp of relief!”

Thanks to the support of people just like you, every apartment in the program comes fully furnished, from essentials like cleaning supplies, towels, and dishes to thoughtful touches like curtains and furniture. Upon successfully completing the program, residents take these furnishings with them, setting the stage for a fresh start in their own independent housing in the community.

Brittney Rodriguez, Independent Living Manager at OHB, emphasizes, “Our goal is to create a welcoming, safe and comfortable space for each young adult—a place they are proud to call home. This isn’t just a place for them to live; it’s where they raise their kids, celebrate birthdays, help with homework and make memories.”

Beyond the tangible support, it is the nurturing community and guidance of the program’s staff that has allowed Autumn to truly flourish. “This community has been a family to me. They’re my mentors but I look at them like big sisters. I’m very appreciative to have OHB in my support system. I don’t feel so stuck anymore,” Autumn expressed with heartfelt appreciation.

With a secure home, Autumn has grown in various aspects of her life. Maintaining her sobriety throughout her stay in the program, she now works full-time and is diligently pursuing her Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) license.

For Autumn, the Supportive Housing Program here at OHB is not just a blessing; it’s a cornerstone of stability. “After all of the moving around, my daughters are comfortable now and that makes me happy. It brings me joy,” she shared, radiating gratitude for the newfound sense of security and hope in her life.

About the Supportive Housing Program

OHB’s Supportive Housing Program is more than just shelter; it is a transformative experience. Families and young adults, like Autumn, find secure and affordable housing while working alongside Independent Living Specialists to build the skills necessary to live fully independently in the community. Rent is based on a sliding scale, and residents participate in training sessions to advance their careers and achieve their educational goals. Thank you for making this program possible through your generous support!

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