Supportive Community Living

OHB’s Supportive Community Living Program offers affordable, safe, temporary living spaces to families and young adults ages 18 to 26. Young adults and families in the program are surrounded by on-site support services to help them advance their careers, achieve their academic goals and develop the necessary skills to lead independent, productive lives.

With the addition of the Supportive Community Living Program, for the first time in OHB’s 100-year history, our youth can receive support in every aspect of their lives, including education, living space, therapy and employment, all at one location. Additionally, the Supportive Community Living Program meets a critical need for young adults and families who are seeking secure, affordable living space in the Omaha metro while they work on developing necessary self-sufficiency skills.

Helping Youth & Families Reach Their Full Potential

The Supportive Community Living Program is designed for young adults and families who are in need of safe, affordable living space and additional support while they develop the skills needed to thrive as responsible community members. The Supportive Community Living Program offers a number of wraparound services to program participants:

  • Independent Living Specialists to assist with goal setting and mentoring
  • Referrals to housing courses
  • Education regarding independent living
  • Employability and career advancement training
  • Training regarding education options

Program Fees & Dues

The Supportive Community Living Program consists of two buildings located at 919 N 48th Street. Each building consists of 4 two-bedroom living spaces and 1 one-bedroom living space.

Program fees and dues based on a sliding scale with program participants working toward paying full amounts without any assistance by the end of their stay. The maximum duration of stay for youth is 24 months.


919 N 48th Street
Omaha, NE  68132


Interested program participants in the Supportive Community Living Program must meet the following requirements for admission:

Program Eligibility

  • Young adults ages 18 to 26
  • Those with children may apply
  • Minimum 90 days of employment
  • Must attend bi-monthly meetings with their Independent Living Specialist to ensure ongoing progress toward meeting goals

Application Process

  • Complete application and submit to
  • Complete an in-person interview
  • Provide proof of employment


Brittney Rodriguez
Independent Living Manager

919 N. 48th Street, Omaha, NE 68132