The Chat – 3 Questions to Consider When Planning Your 2024 Giving

Straight from the desk of Kelsey Ridder, Chief Development Officer at OHB

Here we are at the beginning of another year!

Kelsey Ridder, Chief Development Officer

Today, I thought I would share some helpful tips and questions to consider when planning your charitable giving for 2024. 

I think one of the most important things to consider when planning your charitable giving is to identify and prioritize causes that mean the most to you. What is it that speaks to your heart? Research and make a list of charities aligned with your values and interests. Then you can determine which causes are most important to you and allocate a percentage of your giving dollars to each cause.

Another thing that can help lay the groundwork for your charitable giving in the coming year is to set a budget. Determine how much you can afford to donate by considering your income, expenses and any other financial commitments. Then you can determine how much you want to designate for charitable donations.

And finally, it can be really beneficial to create a giving schedule. Plan when and how often you want to make donations. Do you want to give monthly, quarterly or with one annual donation? Do you work for a company that matches donations during a certain period? Developing a giving schedule can help you allocate your resources towards giving without straining your finances.

Remember, giving is a personal choice. Tailor your 2024 charitable gifts to suit your values, financial capacity and the impact you wish to make.

I’d love to visit with you about Omaha Home for Boys and how our mission aligns with your interests and charitable giving plans for 2024.

Let’s chat! I can be reached at 402-457-7014 or at kridder@ohb.org


P.S. We’ve outlined some ways to give that might interest you. Take a look – Ways to Give – OHB

It is always wise to consult a tax professional if you are considering a charitable gift.