Next Steps: Chris’s Story

Next Steps: Chris’s Story

“I was scared. I was thinking, ‘What is going to happen next?’” This is how Chris felt the day he found out he was going to be homeless.

At just 19 years old, Chris had already moved at least seven times in the past three years. Somehow, he had always managed to get a roof over his head but this time, Chris’s friend told him that he could no longer crash at his place. The landlord had found out about their living situation and Chris had to move out.

Not sure what to do next, Chris turned to the social worker at his high school and she suggested that he look into Omaha Home for Boys.

“I got lucky,” Chris shared. “They let me into the program.”

Chris moved into Jacobs’ Pace, OHB’s Transitional Living Program. This program helps young adults develop the skills needed to live independently and productively in the community. Transitional Living Specialists work with residents in a number of areas, such as employment, education and life skills. For Chris, the most helpful aspect of the program was that he finally had a safe place to live, allowing him the opportunity to focus on other areas of his life, like his high school classes and finding a job.

Since moving into Jacobs’ Place and receiving the guidance and support that the program provides, Chris has grown tremendously. He graduated high school, is maintaining a job where he works more than 40 hours per week and is building up his savings account in hopes of moving into his own apartment. He has also set a goal to get his driver’s license before he completes the program.

Chris shared that now his life is really great. “Because of OHB, I’ve gotten to do a lot of stuff. I just wouldn’t be where I am right now honestly without this place,” said Chris.

Today, the challenges that Chris faces are a far cry from the obstacles he once experienced when he was homeless and unemployed. The struggles he faces sound much more like those of a typical teenager. “Now the hardest part of the program is probably keeping my room clean,” said Chris with a smile.


As you can see from Chris’s story, our Jacobs’ Place Transitional Living Program provides a safe, secure home for young adults who may otherwise be couch surfing, aging out of foster care without a place to live or homeless. Your gift today helps provide food, hygiene items, training classes, and more!