Changing Generations

Changing Generations

Our Family Support Program is making a big impact in the community one small step at a time.

Our Family Support Program started serving families in the community about five years ago, and since then, it has impacted the lives of individuals spanning many stages of life. The program helps individuals and their family unit set and achieve goals, function in a safe, supportive environment, and build strong, healthy family relationships. A high emphasis is placed on helping individuals and their families develop the skills they need to overcome destructive behaviors and cultivate stronger family bonds.   

“We developed our Family Support Program in response to the community need for services that support and encourage the entire family unit, not just one member or one individual who is struggling,” said Brandy Gustoff, Chief Operating Officer at OHB. “The program has allowed us to expand our reach in the community as Family Support serves individuals of all ages, not just youth and young adults.”  

Over the past two years, the Family Support Program has served more than 50 families, helping them create lasting change that spans generations. One Family Support client, Tiloe, found renewed hope through the program. 

Tiloe (left) and Brittany

When Tiloe first began working with Brittany, our Family Support Skill Builder, he was living in a halfway house with one thing on his mind, regaining custody of his daughter. He had been working with a few other individuals to try to get his life back on track, but it was Brittany’s persistence and encouragement that really spurred Tiloe into action. 

“I was frustrated with the people I was working with because it seemed like I was telling everyone the same story over and over and nothing was helping,” said Tiloe. “Brittany actually broke things down for me so I could more easily understand what I needed to do, the steps I needed to take.” 

The pair met three times a week and tackled practical challenges, like getting Tiloe his Social Security card, applying for apartments, searching for jobs and developing a budget. The driving force behind every meeting, every minute spent filling out job applications and every tough decision was Tiloe’s strong desire to regain custody of his daughter, Lily. 

“It was a long, slow process but Tiloe worked hard and trusted we were on the right track,” shared Brittany. “As he started achieving some of his goals, I saw his confidence and motivation take off. Then things really started coming together for him.” 

Today, Tiloe has been promoted from temporary work to full-time employee at a local lumber company where he is excelling not only in his day-to-day work but also in the company’s training program. He is working on getting his forklift operator’s license. 

Tiloe has also achieved the number one goal he set for himself months ago, regaining custody of Lily. They share a two-bedroom apartment and Tiloe’s smile beams when he talks about their life now. 

“I just want her (Lily) to be comfortable. I want her to know this is her home,” said Tiloe. “Sometimes I just can’t believe it’s all real – what we have now.” 

Yet, Tiloe’s story doesn’t end here. Inspired by his own transformation, he’s now passing on invaluable life skills – the same skills he learned through participation in our program – to Lily, ensuring a brighter future for the next generation.    


Your gift today can connect individuals with the support, resources and tools they need to become productive, self-sufficient members of our community – just like Tiloe!