April 6, 2020 Update

A message from our President & CEO:

As we head into another week I want to provide a quick update regarding our efforts at OHB to keep everyone safe and healthy while continuing to meet the needs of our clients and our community.

As an organization that serves some of the community’s most vulnerable youth and families, it’s vital that OHB does not falter in the face of crisis. Our commitment to this community and the individuals we serve has never been stronger thanks to the dedicated OHB employees who are working tirelessly to maintain a sense of normalcy for our clients. I can’t thank our OHB staff enough for all they’re doing to keep all of our programs in operation.

Our Residential Living Program is still operating as usual with the boys living on campus and attending our on-campus high school. The boys are complaining a bit about having to go to school when other schools are out but this will give them a good opportunity to earn the school credits they need so badly.

Our Jacobs’ Place Transitional Living Program is presently serving 16 young adults. Over half of these young people have lost their jobs and many of the others have had job interviews cancelled.

The young adults and families in our Supportive Housing Program are facing many setbacks due to this pandemic as well. This program is at capacity, serving 10 residents. Three of these young adults have lost their jobs and are struggling to provide for their small children.

Because of the hardships the young adults in these two programs are facing, we have waived rent for all of these clients in April and May and are also helping to pay for their basic needs, such as food, medicine, clothing, etc.

The 82 young adults who are in our Branching Out Independent Living Program are struggling with unemployment. Approximately 35% of these young people have lost their jobs. We have been able to help with rent payments, utility bills, groceries, transportation and basic needs while also offering encouragement during this difficult time.

And finally, our Clinical Services Program continues to provide for the mental health needs of OHB youth as well as individuals and families in our community. In March we served 71 clients in this program and provided structure, consistency, support and safety at a time when these individuals needed it most.

This email seems to be bringing you a lot of negative news, but I want to also share some good news. We have the most amazing, dedicated staff at OHB. I have seen countless instances of our staff encouraging each other, coming together as a team, and most importantly, continuing to serve our youth and families with understanding and compassion. I am so proud to say that WE ARE OHB STRONG!

In closing, we cannot do this alone. The financial burden that is being felt by so many is also persistent at OHB. If you would like to help the youth and families at OHB with rent, groceries, transportation, medical needs, etc., please use the following link to give online.


Thank you for helping during this trying time. TOGETHER we will get through this.

Stay safe and healthy!