Youth Inspired by Dr. D’s Charting System

img_1862Outside Dr. Anthony Dancer’s office in the Wurdeman Learning Center is what some may consider just writing on the wall. To the youth seated in the classrooms across the hall, it’s motivation to study harder.

“Dr. D,” as he’s known throughout campus, recognizes the youth who’ve received a credit during the previous week by writing their names in colorful marker on his window. He also keeps a running tally of all credits earned throughout the semester. Thanks in part to this recognition, the young men studying in OHB’s on-campus school are knocking it out of the park. During the 2015-2016 school year, 174 total credits were earned. Halfway through the current school year students have already earned an impressive 128 credits, putting them on pace to earn well over last year’s mark.

It’s not only apparent that the recognition from Dr. D has students taking their studies more seriously, but the system has also boosted morale. “If I don’t get the students’ names written on my window promptly, they sure do let me know about it!” said Dr. D. “The students are eager to be recognized because for some it’s the first time they’ve been in an environment where they’re receiving positive reinforcement.”

Dr. D is quick to note that it’s not only his credit recognition chart that has students motivated. “The teachers, house parents and other OHB staff play a vital role in helping students succeed,” said Dr. D. The use of a new non-Internet based curriculum this school year has also helped the students gain a stronger focus on their school work.

About OHB’s Education Program

The Omaha Home for Boys School opened in August 2014 with six students and has grown to include all new students once they arrive at OHB. Certified teachers oversee the day-to-day teaching responsibilities of the school, conducting class and holding the students accountable for attendance, participation, homework and tests – all the same expectations of a community school classroom. The school’s goals are to develop character traits and provide educational programming that leads to school success, graduation, employment and/or higher education.

How You Can Help

If you’d like to be a part of supporting our on-campus students, please contact the development office at (402) 457-7165 to discuss options for giving or make an online donation.

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