Residential Living Engages the Whole Family

Have you ever wondered how our programs would use the winnings from the lottery? What would the program managers say to you, our faithful supporters? These are just a couple of the questions we asked the individuals who oversee our programs in our new series called Program Spotlight.

Today, we’re highlighting our Residential Living Program through a fun Q&A with Jesse Cardenas, OHB’s Director of Residential Living.

What is one recent program accomplishment that you’re really proud of?

The resiliency of our staff to persevere through so many obstacles over the last year is a big accomplishment.

What is Residential Living’s biggest ongoing need?

Our biggest needs center around updates to our well-loved buildings – things like modernization of the cottages, updating flooring and remodeling to single rooms.

If you could tell our supporters one thing about the Residential Living Program, what would it be?

We have passionate, caring people who dedicate themselves to helping the youth that need it most. Even when the positive outcome is not visible, they show up every day trying to make a difference.

What is your favorite thing about your program?

I think Residential Living’s best attribute is that we have a workforce that reflects the community we serve. Our staff is very diverse.

How do you think the Residential Living Program most benefits youth?

We teach them skills and routines to be successful upon their reunification with their family.

How does your program benefit the community?

We work with those youth who, at the time of intake, are not manageable in the community; that is why they are with us. We work with youth and their families to get them the assistance they need to go home and be productive members of their communities.

What are some changes or areas of growth you commonly see in youth during their time in the Residential Living Program?

First and foremost, school is the most easily measured area of growth as the majority of our youth did not attend school prior to coming to OHB or are severely behind in school. Placement with us gives them the confidence and accountability to show up to school every day and get work completed. Our OHB School specializes in credit recovery and our staff do an excellent job detailing each youth’s individual academic plan.

What is one thing people might be surprised to know about the Residential Living Program?

Sometimes people don’t realize that families are engaged every step of the way. This is not just a place where youth come to get assistance, but it’s a program that works with the whole family.

What’s the coolest, most inspiring thing a youth has ever told you about the Residential Living Program?

That it saved his life.

If your program won the lottery, how would you use the winnings?

Renovation of all buildings!

What would you like to say to those who support your program at OHB?

Thank you! We appreciate all of the support, and without your continued ongoing support, we would not be able to remain where we are at today.