Omaha Home for Boys Welcomes First Clients to New Supportive Housing Program

Omaha Home for Boys opened the doors to its new Supportive Housing Program in December 2018, expanding OHB’s continuum of care to five core programs and filling a much-needed gap in housing services for young adults at risk of homelessness in the community.

Omaha Home for Boys Branching Out Independent Living Staff (L to R): Mary Marrero, Sarah Hansen, Sam Callaghan and Keenan Page

OHB’s new Supportive Housing Program offers affordable, safe, temporary housing to young adults ages 18 to 26 and, as the name suggests, surrounds these young adults with on-site support services. The Supportive Housing Program is a truly independent living program with youth living in OHB’s apartment-style housing while working with an Independent Living Specialist who aids youth with career advancement, educational opportunities and goal setting.

“Supportive Housing gives young adults safety and security while also allowing them the opportunity to save money due to reduced rent through the program,” said Brandy Gustoff, Innovative Growth Leader at Omaha Home for Boys. “Additionally, we are creating a sense of community for our young people where they can gain support from experienced staff members and their peers.”

While the Supportive Housing Program is new to Omaha Home for Boys, it is not a new concept in the community; however, the need for affordable, safe, temporary housing that serves a wide demographic is in high demand with a scarce supply.

“In our community, we’ve noticed that there are not many programs that have housing options available encompassing all youth and young adults including single males, single females, single-parent families and multi-parent families,” said Sam Callaghan, Independent Living Specialist at Omaha Home for Boys. “Our Supportive Housing Program has the flexibility to include all demographics in qualifications and therefore opens the door for many of the youth we serve who do not qualify for other housing options in our community.”

The Supportive Housing Program currently has two residents and staff is excited about the number of applications being submitted.

“There is a lot of buzz about the Supportive Housing Program within the young adults in Omaha’s independent living community,” said Keenan Page, Independent Living Employment Manager at Omaha Home for Boys. “Many youths in the community are interested in the program and it has even inspired some of our youth to get employment and increase momentum towards their goals.”

A sign displayed in the Supportive Housing lobby reinforces the emphasis on family, community and peer support offered through the program.

The Supportive Housing Program occupies the learning center and apartment complexes where Jacobs’ Place, Omaha Home for Boys Transitional Living Program, was formerly located near 48th and Cuming Streets. Jacobs’ Place is now housed on OHB’s main campus.

The Supportive Housing Program has expanded a longstanding partnership between OHB and Nebraska Children and Families Foundation (NCFF) – Omaha Project Everlast. The Supportive Housing Program is a collaborative effort between the two nonprofits. NCFF oversees the entry-level program while Omaha Home for Boys manages the advanced level program.

How You Can Help

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