OHB Receives COA Reaccreditation

COA – it’s such a small acronym, yet those three letters pack a big punch.  

We are thrilled to share that OHB has once again been reaccredited through the Council on Accreditation (COA). Not only have we been reaccredited but OHB was also expedited for reaccreditation for the third straight cycle and will require no corrective actions. Being expedited means that we scored top marks in all fundamental practice standards.

Although OHB has maintained accreditation since our original review by COA, this is the longest stretch that we have maintained the highest marks needed to be expedited. This is a significant accomplishment for the agency as a whole and one to be celebrated with all of you. 

COA accreditation adds immense value to all aspects of our operations and ensures that support is being maximized by OHB as we are held to strict accountability and improvement standards. Being reaccredited by COA means OHB is among the best in the field. We are proud to be a part of this community of excellence!  

Accreditation Process and Peer Reviewers’ Remarks

Early preparation for the COA visit began in February 2021 with the first Accreditation Committee meeting. The Accreditation Committee consisted of staff members from throughout the organization who were responsible for gathering all of the information from different departments for the self-study and any on-site evidence COA requested.

Peer Reviewers from COA visited OHB in August 2022, conducting interviews with staff and clients, reviewing policies and procedures, and touring our facilities.

One theme that was repeated often throughout the peer reviewers’ exit interview was that OHB has a very committed, dedicated, passionate staff, especially among those who work directly with our youth and families. 

Another theme that carried throughout the peer reviewers’ exit interview was from their conversations with our young people. Many youth shared that they feel safe at OHB and feel that staff truly listen and care. Many stated that they feel like they are maturing, working on their anger issues, and improving their relationships with their families.

The peer reviewers also noted that we have excellent systems in place to ensure accountability and efficiency throughout all of our programs and departments.

Another reviewer who has done over 70 site visits spoke very highly of the young people we serve here at OHB. He shared that they are among the most impressive he’s ever encountered over his 17 years as a COA Peer Reviewer. He shared that the young people he interviewed said that the staff they work with at OHB are always uplifting and supportive. He was also impressed that one young person showed his appreciation for the peer reviewers by saying, “Thank you because you’re helping us.” The peer reviewer said that is the first time he’s ever been thanked by a client during one of his site visits. 

Although the formal accreditation process is complete and we are officially reaccredited, our work is far from over. COA accreditation is a process by which we are consistently striving for new levels of excellence.  

About COA

COA was founded in 1977 and is an independent, nonprofit organization that accredits human and social service providers. COA currently accredits over 1,600 organizations that serve more than 7 million individuals and families in the U.S. and Canada.