Jacobs’ Place Relocates to Main Campus

After more than 20 years of service, the Home’s transitional living program moves to the main campus.

In 1994, Omaha Home for Boys began operating its transitional living program known as Jacobs’ Place at an apartment complex located three miles south of the Home’s main campus. On September 13, Jacobs’ Place left its home for the past 24 years and moved to join the Home’s other programs at the main campus located at 52nd and Ames Streets in Omaha.

The relocation allows for a number of improvements to Jacobs’ Place, the most notable being an increase in the number of young adults the program can serve. 

Jacobs’ Place staff are pictured in the common kitchen and dining area in the Combs Cottage. (L to R) Carma Gunter, Transitional Living Specialist; Jordan Ramsey, Transitional Living Specialist; and Bailey Perry, Transitional Living Manager.

“Moving Jacobs’ Place to our main campus gives us the ability to serve young people who have more than three months of high school remaining, whereas this was not an option at our previous building,” said Brandy Gustoff, Omaha Home for Boys Innovative Growth Leader. “Because the need for transitional living services is so great in the Omaha metro, being able to safely house young adults who are trying to focus on graduating high school is really a win-win for the entire community.”

Just over a week after moving, Jacobs’ Place already has several residents and others who are interviewing for program admittance who would not have been eligible for services under the previous education requirements. Gustoff predicts that Jacobs’ Place will continue to see an increase, in particular, in the number of seventeen and eighteen-year-olds that will be served by the program.

In addition to serving more youth, Jacobs’ Place new location allows youth to have increased access to services, such as therapy, recreation and dining, that are all housed at one central location.

“Now, on one campus at one single location we have a continuum of care that offers young people the opportunity to build and continue relationships with their supporters,” said Gustoff.

Combs Cottage

Jacobs’ Place youth moved into the existing Combs and Patton cottages on the Home’s main campus. Female clients reside in one cottage with male clients living in the other. Jacobs’ Place staff also have offices in each cottage.

Residents each enjoy their own personal bedroom and bathroom while laundry, training, computer, entertainment, kitchen and dining areas are shared common space. This gives youth the opportunity to take advantage of dorm-style living in order to better prepare themselves for the community living environment commonly found on college campuses.

How You Can Help

Purchase items from our Amazon Wish List and ship them directly to Jacobs’ Place. The youth at Jacobs’ Place will feel so loved because of your generosity!

Make a monetary donation to Omaha Home for Boys in support of Jacobs’ Place.