Jacobs’ Place, OHB Scholarships Make College Dreams a Reality

Karina (left) and Jasmine (right) are pictured with Bailey Perry, Transitional Living Manager at Jacobs’ Place. Bailey is just one of the Jacobs’ Place staff who played a vital role in guiding and encouraging both young women to pursue higher education.


Unsupportive parents who didn’t care about education.

Multiple out-of-home placements in group homes and foster care.

Being forced to work to help with family bills.

No educational goals or hope of graduation.

These were just a few of the obstacles facing four teens and young adults who entered Jacobs’ Place, Omaha Home for Boys Transitional Living Program, the beginning of the summer.


Today we are honored to share that all four of these young adults have overcome these obstacles and are not only high school graduates, but have headed off to college!

During their time at Jacobs’ Place, Jasmine, Leon, Karina and Alyssa each gained stable employment and completed numerous independent living training classes. Together they volunteered more than 250 hours. Most importantly, they were encouraged to set educational goals and empowered with the skills needed to turn their dreams into reality.

For these four eager youth, those dreams included higher education. Each applied for and received assistance from the Omaha Home for Boys’ scholarship fund, helping to pay for computers, room and board, tuition and books.

“Without the link to higher education through a scholarship from Omaha Home for Boys, these youth may not have pursued college,” said Keenan Page, a member of the Home’s scholarship committee. “The Home’s support helped inspire them to aim a bit higher after graduating high school.”

Just as vital as the scholarships were to the success of these youth, so was the support they received from the caring staff at Jacobs’ Place.

“Moving off to college is intimidating even when you have a solid support system of family, friends and mentors,” said Bailey Perry, Transitional Living Manager. “Nearly every youth we serve at Jacobs’ Place lacks that consistent, encouraging support system. That’s why we step in to fill that void.”


Tomorrow finds the future looking bright for Jasmine, Leon, Karina and Alyssa as all of them are now college freshmen.

Jasmine is attending the University of Nebraska-Omaha studying English and education.

Leon is going to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in hopes of becoming an elementary teacher.

Both Karina and Alyssa have started classes at Iowa Western Community College. Karina is studying human services and Alyssa is taking pre-medicine courses.

About Omaha Home for Boys’ Scholarship Program

Omaha Home for Boys is committed to helping youth reach their full academic potential. As part of that goal, the Home has a number of scholarships available to both current and former youth who need help overcoming financial barriers to higher education. Scholarships are graciously provided by friends of the Home.

Please considering joining those who so generously support the scholarship fund by making your gift to the Home today!


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