Doors Open to New Crisis Stabilization Program

When teens in Omaha find themselves in a crisis situation, they now have a new place to turn for help. They can be referred by local juvenile probation to Omaha Home for Boys’ new Crisis Stabilization Program.

Our Crisis Stabilization Program opened on February 24, 2020 and serves as a short-term program that provides immediate help to youth ages 12 to 18 who are in the midst of a crisis situation. The program provides therapy, support, skill-building and education and addresses the needs of the entire family unit. The new program serves as an alternative to placing youth in a detention center.

“The objective of our program is to provide services that assist with de-escalating the severity of a young person’s level of distress or need for urgent care, needs that often lead to being placed in detention,” said Brandy Gustoff, Chief Program Officer at OHB. “We aim to disrupt that cycle.”

Our Crisis Stabilization Program is taking a unique approach to care by immediately putting family support services in place that address the needs of the entire family unit, not just the youth. The program provides numerous opportunities to safely and therapeutically stabilize the family unit and provides young adults with access to individual, group and family therapy.

The program is staffed 24/7 and helps clients build independent living skills and develop social skills. The program also provides access to recreation and many educational opportunities.

While there are other crisis stabilization programs and shelters in the area, the demand for such programs far outweighs the availability to youth and families. This is one factor that led to the launch of the new program at OHB.

“We are excited to bring this new program to the Omaha community,” said Jeff DeWispelare, President & CEO at Omaha Home for Boys. “There is a great need in the community for a program that offers immediate, short-term, therapeutic help for teens and I’m thrilled that OHB can be a place for these kids to turn when they’re facing a crisis.”

The Crisis Stabilization Program is housed on OHB’s main campus and has a goal to serve 42 young people during its first year in the pilot.

Join our team!

With the launch of the Crisis Stabilization Program also comes a number of career opportunities. OHB is currently seeking passionate, dedicated individuals to fill several job openings in the new program.

Help Youth & Families

Can you help create a welcoming environment for the youth and families entering our new program? We have an urgent need for workbooks, board games, journals and hygiene items that are appropriate for young adults ages 12 to 18. Used books needing a new home are welcome or simply shop our Amazon Wish List and ship purchases directly to us!

Donations can be dropped off at:
Omaha Home for Boys
Smith Administration Building
4343 N 52nd Street
Omaha, NE  68104

Thank you for helping the teens and families in our new program feel welcomed, special and loved!