Board Restructure Improves Efficiency, Streamlines Decision Making

Board Chair, Allen Straub

One year ago in January 2021 at our Board of Directors meeting, incoming Board Chair, Allen Straub, proposed a restructuring of our governing body. This month, that goal came to fruition when our Board’s restructure was unanimously approved by the Directors and Trustees.

The need to restructure our Board came about for several reasons. Our previous dual governance Board structure was often confusing, wasn’t in line with best practices, and has in the past over complicated timelines for getting work accomplished. To remedy these pitfalls, Allen proposed a singular governance structure, reduced board size and a reduction of committees. OHB’s Board of Directors and Trustees proceeded to approve a restructure in line with nonprofit best practices. Restated Articles of Incorporation and revised Bylaws were approved in September 2021, and at our most recent meeting earlier this month, the restructure was completed.  

The restructure transitioned the Board to a singular governance and reduced the number of members from 22 to 11. Most importantly, the new board structure makes the governing body nimbler and more effective.

Leading OHB’s Board of Directors is Board Chair, Allen Straub, who was elected for a second term at the January 2022 meeting. Officers on the Executive Committee of the Board include, Vice Chair, Rebecca Atkins; Treasurer, James Kelley; and Secretary, Victor Baez. Other Directors on the Board are Randy Behounek, Freddie Clopton, Jason Gustafson, Micah Evans, Serenna Russell, Mark Seip and Janis Yergan.