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You can help our students have a successful school year.

Our kids here at OHB are heading back to school soon. Your support today can give them a positive start to the school year, making that first day in the classroom something to look forward to, no matter what negative circumstances surround their past.

Let us share with you how Dillon’s first day of school was when he came to Omaha Home for Boys. When he arrived here, he was so far behind in school credits there was absolutely no way he was going to graduate with his class. Circumstances that led him to be in this situation were like those of so many others who come through our doors – an unstable home life, hanging out with the wrong crowd, skipping school, using drugs, or having to care for younger siblings instead of focusing on their studies.

Thankfully, because of the generous support of so many, Dillon’s story does not end here. We are happy to share with you that Dillon did grow! He did try and he did succeed. During his time here at OHB, he earned 17 school credits under the direction of caring staff at our OHB School. We also received word from his counselor that thanks to the progress he made here, he is now on pace to graduate with his classmates! Can you imagine the excitement and confidence in this young man now?

Dillon succeeded because you and so many others believed in him and showed your support. For some of our kids, this may be the very first time someone has believed in them, encouraged them, and given them hope. When you send in your gift today, please know that you are helping teens like Dillon on their journey to success – a journey that often begins with hopelessness and fear on that first day of school but, with your support, transforms their lives and helps them become successful in the classroom and beyond.

Thank you for giving generously today.

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Thank you for helping our students!