A True Team

Damon and Katelyn in the spring of 2020 when we first introduced you to them.

Let’s take a quick look back to spring of 2020 when we first introduced you to Damon, a young man in our Branching Out Independent Living Program who was working hard to provide for his young family. You may recall that Damon had really struggled with staying sober, finding a job that paid a livable wage, and maintaining housing for himself and his young sons, but hopefully you also remember how that all changed for the better after he connected with OHB. 

We’re excited to share that Damon’s accomplishments continued long after we first introduced you to him and he successfully graduated from our program after only 15 months. Damon’s discharge summary from OHB stated “Achieved Goals” and that he certainly did! 

In fact, Damon found OHB to be such a helpful, supportive resource that he referred his girlfriend, Katelyn, to the program. Katelyn was by Damon’s side during his entire journey from homelessness and addiction to the stable, productive life he has today. He wanted Katelyn to find these same successes in her life. 

Damon, Katelyn and their boys are all smiles under their masks as they pose for a selfie during a family outing earlier this year.

Encouraged by Damon and motivated by the couple’s children, Katelyn decided to enroll at OHB and it ended up being one of the most impactful decisions she has ever made. During her time at OHB, Katelyn has made drastic improvements in her life. She has maintained employment for over a year and has a stable home. Most recently, she completed all of the extensive conditions of her probation and did so well that the charge is now sealed on her record. 

“When Katelyn told me that she had completed her probation she said to me, ‘Now I can go to college and become whatever I want to become. I have nothing holding me back thanks to you guys,’” said Sarah Hansen, Katelyn’s Independent Living Specialist. 

Damon and Katelyn’s sons, (L to R) Dominic, Donovan and Damon Jr., are the couple’s number one motivation to stay on track and better their lives.

With the mistakes of her past no longer standing in her way, Katelyn promptly started the process of going to college for her real estate license, something she never thought would be possible. 

“Watching these two individuals work as a team to strengthen their family unit has been inspiring,” said Sarah. “They truly have the potential to make all of their dreams and their family’s dreams come true.”